The Four Rooms of Change®.

A framework explaining how people manage change.

The Four Rooms of Change® methodology was developed based on scientific research. The theory deals with change, and what happens to people and organisations in change, stress and transition.

Angela Scaffidi Video Preview

"I've never found a change theory that is both as compelling and practical as Claes' Four Rooms of Change®."

— Managing Partner Angela Scaffidi.


Four Rooms of Change® — a personal experience

Partner and Four Rooms of Change® accredited user, Jill Calder, shares her experience of the accreditation process.

The next Four Rooms of Change® certification process will be held in Australia in September 2019. If you would like more details, please register your interest.

Change for good

Organisational development consultant and certified Four Rooms of Change® user, Drusilla Copeland, explores how the Four Rooms can explain how we respond to change.

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