Shreya Gejji

Marketing and Digital Specialist


Shreya is a marketing specialist with digital marketing and communications experience in the Asia-Pacific region. She has worked across a wide range of marketing initiatives and in varying sectors including corporate, start-up and not-for-profit.

Well-versed in digital storytelling and multi-platform content creation, she is passionate about the evolving field of social media and content marketing and has a proven track record of leveraging insights and analytics to inform strategy and drive change.  

Shreya is a member of the Asia New Zealand Youth Leadership Network and holds a Master of Arts (First Class, First Division) in Screen Production from the University of Auckland. She has an abiding interest in screenwriting, and was a shortlisted finalist at the Screen Writers Awards New Zealand (2015).

SenateSHJ value Restless

"I am driven by curiosity and always looking for ways to reinvent the wheel. Being restless means finding creative and strategic solutions to complex problems and never being afraid to try something new."