Reputation Reality 2018


What is your most pressing question around reputation management? This is your chance to have that question answered, in our Reputation Reality research report 2019.

Boards and executives are becoming highly attuned to the impact reputation risk can have on their company – and personal brand.

We are pleased to announce that Reputation Reality – our trans-Tasman survey which investigates reputation management trends and issues – will be undertaken again later this year.

It will be our fifth Reputation Reality survey and, as such, is an authoritative guide for clients and others to review their reputation risks. It also delivers insights into the latest reputation trends and issues, and enables our clients and others to benchmark themselves and their businesses against others.

We are delighted to see the survey results are now used by businesses, NGOs, commentators and universities as a source of reliable information and insight.

The 2018/19 survey will highlight the existing and emerging triggers for reputational risk. It will also look at key drivers of reputation, differences between Australia and New Zealand, the nature and type of investment being made to protect and enhance corporate reputation, and who the public is most likely to trust in a crisis.

Every year we introduce new questions, and this year we’d like you to guide us. What do you feel you need to know about corporate reputation and the mitigation of reputation risks?

Below, we’ve outlined some thoughts – but please don’t be restricted by these:

  • The degree organisations are testing their digital response capabilities in crisis scenarios
  • Leadership attributes that define clear and co-ordinated crisis responses
  • Organisations which have suffered the most significant reputational crises
  • The factors determining an organisation’s ability to respond well to a crisis situation (or poorly)
  • Organisations which have done a good job of coming out of a crisis with their reputation intact

Even if you have just one burning question, please forward your thoughts to Craig Badings (, or Neil Green (, and we will try to incorporate them into this year’s study.  If we can’t, we will review them for the next survey.